The Quantity Surveyor & BIM

A message from AIQS President Peter Clack:

BILT ANZ 2017 was held last weekend in Adelaide a ‘BIM’ related conference ‘for users, by users’ where this year for the first time an ‘Estimating’ stream was introduced. I congratulate the organisers of this event; however what it demonstrated to me was that there is a fundamental lack of understanding by the design team, of how the Quantity Surveyor can best be used in the whole BIM process.

There was clear evidence from the many presentations by both design professions and clients that they did not even consider engaging with the Quantity Surveyor as part of the BIM process but preferred to leave the QS to prepare their cost plans based on the traditional 2D process.

In fairness to the design professions and clients, QS’s, traditionally have not embraced the whole BIM process (again evident by the fact of the 400 delegates only approximately 15 were Quantity Surveyors). The BIM tool is here to stay, now is the time for all Quantity Surveyors to start using BIM (3D measurement producing 5D cost plans) as the standard tool for delivering Quantity Surveying services otherwise Quantity Surveyors and our profession will be left in the ‘dark ages’.


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