Public Sector

QS Perth can perform that key role between the government agency and the construction sector. We understand and appreciate the accountability & sensitivity issues in Public sector projects. QS Perth key personnel being members of AIQS/ RICS, we strictly follow the AIQS guidelines in our advices and services to our clients. Our services are always to highest level. We use the right tools and techniques to achieve this.
We use current, industry-standard software to provide our clients with highly accurate, fast and cost effective reports. Our software can import engineering and architectural drawings to produce detailed and accurate measurements. We have also developed a comprehensive cost database to price and benchmark the costs of projects across a wide range of market sectors


Infrastructure projects carry a wide range of intrinsic development risks, the mitigation of which is best achieved with the involvement of an experienced Quantity Surveyor. The team at QS Perth have substantial experience on infrastructure projects including roads, ports, rail networks, and utilities.
At QS Perth, we bring the project discipline and rigour typically found in large firms to the smaller scale projects without the bureaucracy, red tape, and costs. We can do these small pieces of work swiftly, and cheaply because we’ve got the software, systems, and low overheads.