QS Perth offer a suite of services specifically tailored to Architects and Designers. We understand that most projects run on a limited budgets so we provide valuable free advice in the early stages so your clients have realistic expectations upfront.

In the early design stages, we offer a free initial Cost Estimate for the proposed design taking into account such factors as the building type, site location, floor area and the level of finish. Typically this first estimate will be presented as a range from lowest to highest anticipated cost, providing valuable guidance at an early stage of the new home project.

Once the new house design has progressed through to the more detailed ‘working drawing’ stage, we can then undertake a detailed measurement process producing a Bill of Quantities (BoQ). The BoQ when populated with priced rates provides a detailed and significantly more accurate estimate for the likely total cost. This accuracy enables design and cost decisions to be made well before construction commences. And to help keep our fees down, we use the latest technology to provide fast, accurate and cost-effective results.

At QS Perth, we can also provide Contract Administration support to help Architects who supervise the construction of the project. We assist with:

  • Compliance obligations for all contractual provisions
  • Managing Progress Payments
  • Preparing the Final Account
  • Claims Management
  • Managing all Correspondence and Document Controls

We can also assist with the evaluation and selection of materials to ensure the design fits within the budget.


Our services cover the following types of buildings:

  • New and Designer homes
  • Multi-unit Dwellings
  • Commercial buildings, fitouts and renovations
  • Historical and Heritage buildings


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